107-0712_IMGThank you for your interest in joining the group!  See below for more information on graduate study and research opportunities.

Prospective students


My goal is to help you acquire a broad training in ecology and evolution as you develop skills in independent research.  My approach is to allow students the freedom to explore their own research interests, while providing necessary support and feedback along the way.  My students can, and will be encouraged to, develop research topics and work in systems that extend beyond my own projects.  That means that students are not limited to my study systems, but are welcome to use them depending on interests.  I am looking for students that are independent, creative, and collaborative.  As part of my lab, I expect students to be highly motivated, to engage in lab meetings, journal clubs, and seminars, as well as interact with other labs and grad groups across campus.


If you are a prospective graduate student, please contact me and describe: 1) your academic background and work experience, 2) your motivation for pursuing graduate school and the degree you are interested in (i.e. PhD or MSc), 3) your research interests, and 4) why you want to work with me.

The application process at UC Davis is different from many schools.   Here, students do not apply directly to a department, but instead apply to graduate programs that span several departments.  Initially, I will be taking graduate students through the Ecology and Population Biology graduate groups.  The program that is best for you will depend on your interests, so please contact me about these options.

Prospective postdocs

Prospective postdocs should email me so we can discuss research interests.  I am willing to sponsor independent research fellowships and collaborate on funding proposals for projects of mutual interest.