Jennifer Gremer
Jennifer R. Gremer
Assistant Professor

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Elise Elwood
Graduate Student

I am a second year PhD student in the Population Biology graduate group studying population and community ecology. I am particularly interested in invasive species,  functional traits, and demographic studies.



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Elena Suglia
Graduate Student

I am a first year PhD student in the Population Biology graduate group primarily interested in investigating the effects of climate change on plant responses. Currently, I am working on a project exploring the impacts of snow melt on the phenology and population genetics of a native California wildflower, Streptanthus tortuosus, at Lassen Volcanic National Park. During my PhD, I aim to ask questions that lie at the interface of evolutionary biology, genetics, and ecology, and answer those questions using a combination of observational, genetic, and experimental techniques. Other research topics I may explore include studying the effects of climate change on plant-pollinator interactions, plant distributions, and landscape genetics and how those effects differ at varying spatial scales. I am also an avid science writer and communicator. See research updates on my blog here and my science writing portfolio here.

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Eva Beyen
Lab Manager






Undergraduate Research Assistants
Grace Lewin
Gautam Mathur

Jillian Dyer
Niel Gapal
Libby Polston
Ines Anuncibay Childs
Danielle Davisson
Ylana Nguyen
Hannah De La Calle
Jasmine Curcio                                                                                                         

Lab Alumni
Alec Chiono
– lab manager
Vanessa Bassinello – undergraduate
Jivka Grozeva – undergraduate
Noah Rosenberg – undergraduate
Daniel Winkler — visiting graduate student
Sherry Zheng – undergraduate
Ryan Moore – undergraduate
Joaquin Meckler-Pacheco– undergraduate
Chandler Stephenson– undergraduate